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Vote at Home Program Application

This application applies to eligible electors who may participate in the Vote at Home Program because they are unable to leave their home due to illness, injury or disability. For more information please contact the Clerk's Division by one of the methods listed below.

An eligible elector who wishes to receive a home visit to vote must:

  • be on the voters’ list or have applied to add themselves to the voters’ list;

  • confirm that they are unable to attend a voting place due to illness, injury or disability; and

  • provide acceptable identification at time of visit.

Between September 19 and October 18, an eligible elector (or agent) may request an appointment for a home visit by the following methods:

  • by submitting this form

  • by phone at 519-941-0440 Ext. 2219 or 2239

  • in person at the Clerk’s Office, Town Hall, 87 Broadway

Vote at Home Visit Procedure:

An election official shall review the request and contact the elector to schedule a date and time for the home visit, confirm they have acceptable identification, and any accommodations required for voting. Please note the following procedure for your information:

  • Each home visit will be made by two election officials.
  • We ask that all Vote at Home participants wear face masks for the duration of the voting process.
  • At the elector’s place of residence, the designated election officials shall ask the elector for identification that shows their name and qualifying address and ensure it matches the information on the voters’ list.
  • Election Officials will explain the voting process to the participant and supply the participant with a Vote at Home Election Kit.
  • To vote, the elector shall mark the ballot. The marked ballot will be placed in a secrecy folder by the elector and then placed in an envelope and sealed by the Election Official.