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Third Party Advertiser Q&A

Are you a registered third party advertiser, and have a question about town services and/or operations for campaign purposes that is not available on the town website?

Please complete the Third Party Advertiser Q&A Form below. All questions and/or requests for information made will be easily accessible and shared on our Third Party Advertiser Q&A page.

All responses will be provided and posted on the Third Party Advertiser Q&A page within seven business days of receiving the request, except when additional time and costs are required for research and record retrieval. All candidates and registered third party advertisers will be notified of this process upon filing their nomination or registration papers with the Town Clerk.

Information requested that is not public record will be denied under this process and the requester may determine whether to proceed with an inquiry under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

This process is in place to eliminate duplication, maximize efficient use of staff resources, and ensure that all candidates or potential candidates have access to the same information.

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