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Application for Temporary Road Closure Permit for Community Events, Socials & Street Parties

If you are planning a parade, community event, social or street party to take place on Town of Orangeville roadways, you must apply for a temporary road closure permit at least 6 weeks prior to the proposed and scheduled event.  

Please note that this application does not guarantee the applicant a road closure permit.  Should you have any issues completing the form of have any questions, please contact the Transportation & Development Division at 519-941-0440.

Type of Event

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Responsibilities of the Organizer

1. The applicant shall adhere strictly to the start and finish times of the function. All street parties and social events shall end at 11:00 p.m.

2. The applicant will ensure that the event will be conducted in accordance with the Town of Orangeville noise by-law.

3. The applicant shall undertake any required restoration and clean-up to return the street to the condition which existed prior to the event and to meet any other requirements required by the General Manager, Infrastructure Services.

4. The applicant shall install any necessary barriers to ensure the roadway is properly barricaded to vehicular traffic.

5. The applicant must notify in writing all of the affected residences of the time and date of the event at least 5 days prior to the function, confirming that the road will be temporarily closed.

6. The applicant shall provide a liability disclaimer/hold harmless agreement with the application. 

7. The applicant must ensure that access is provided to those properties within the closed portion of the road for emergency vehicles.

8. The applicant is requested to use discretion in permitting individual property owners’ access, if required, during the event.

9. The General Manager, Infrastructure Services may refer the application to Council if the Town receives objections to the proposed road closure or for any reason the GM deems appropriate.

10. The General Manager, Infrastructure Services and or Town Clerk may withdraw the permit at any time for non-compliance by the applicant. 

11. Barricades and signs to close the road will be delivered and picked up by the Public Works Dept. during normal working hours. The organizers will be responsible for the security of the signs and barricades upon The organizers will also be responsible for the setup of the barricades prior to the function and for the dismantling of the barricades after the function.

12. The applicant must make provisions for access to properties on the closed portion of the roadway for emergency purposes and must not block fire hydrants driveways or emergency access to buildings.

Hold Harmless Agreement