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Snow Plow beside a Salt Dome

2023 Snow Plow Naming Contest


The Big Leplowski. Edgar Allan Snow. Yer a Blizzard, Harry. Sled Zeppelin.

These are some of the winning snow plow names from other municipalities across North America over the years.

Now, it's your turn Orangeville.

About the new Snow Plow:

The new plow, a 2023 International Workstar, is the first of its kind in Orangeville, featuring an upgraded design to the cutting edges on the plow and wing. These elements are now in multiple sections, which allow the edge to form to the uneven asphalt for a closer plow. 

Safety for plow drivers and those around them is also increased thanks to an increase in the viewing area from the driver's seat by 30 per cent and a heated windshield that combats ice buildup on wipers during winter storms. The plow also features double-wrapped hydraulic lines to combat wear.